Refresh Your Hot Tub Installation This Spring – 8 Tips

Fall isn’t the only time for outdoor fun in New Hampshire. After the events of the past two years, this spring many of us are going to be looking for more ways than ever to safely enjoy our outdoor spaces.

If you have a hot tub installed in your exterior space, you probably already know where you’ll be this spring—outdoors by the spa. You might even be thinking, hey, wouldn’t it be great, if you could change it a little, to make it even more of refreshing oasis space?

It’s not too late to turn your old backyard into a relaxation paradise for spring. Here are some tips to help you change things up in your backyard spa area, so you can get more rejuvenating time this spring.

8 Tips To Refresh Your Hot Tub Installation This Spring

  1. Spring Cleaning Your Backyard Space
  2. Schedule Professional Spa Maintenance, If Needed
  3. Refresh an Old Space with a New Layout
  4. Springtime Plants
  5. Landscaping for Privacy
  6. Create a Shaded Area
  7. Hot Tub Cleaning Tips
  8. Scheduling Self-Care Days

Let’s take a look at each one of them.

Spring Cleaning Your Backyard Space

Since you’re going to be spending more time outdoors, you’ll want a backyard that is organized, tidy, inviting to you and your guests. You can start by removing any remaining winter debris, like leaves and fallen branches.

Also, this spring, look at your portable backyard appliances like grills and smokers, outdoor heating lamps, and other essentials to make sure everything’s in working order.

If not, time to take them in for repairs, or toss them and purchase replacements. Anything that is too large to go in the trash should be recycled or moved by professional haulers.

Schedule Professional Spa Maintenance, If Needed

And while you’re looking, before getting in those relaxing waters, check out your hot tub if you haven’t used it in a while.

If it’s broken, needs a major cleaning, or something just doesn’t look right, you can contact us for any service needs.

Refresh an Old Space with a New Layout

You don’t always have to buy something new to refresh exterior spaces. If you already have quality backyard furniture but just feel your spa space isn’t living up to your expectations, maybe the furniture isn’t the problem.

It may be time to switch things around, literally.

If you feel your spa space isn’t inviting enough or doesn’t feel like the relaxing space you initially wanted, try moving some pieces around. You can start by rearranging some larger pieces: tables, chairs, chaises, etc.

Then try adding a few newer pieces and backyard essentials to modernize your backyard space.

  • Get new covers for some larger furniture to change color, style, design aesthetics
  • Find some comfy outdoor pillows with weatherproof covering to add
  • If you don’t already have them, purchase outdoor heating lamps to make it easier to stay outdoors on cool evenings

Springtime Plants

If you want to add a splash of color, a dash of greenery, you’ll need to plant any flora early to ensure they bloom in time for spring entertaining. Plant according to your geographic region.

Also, since people will be walking around your backyard to get to your hot tub, consider hearty plants, like those used to edge walkways, decks/ patio areas and ground cover. Lavender, iris moss, crocuses, primrose, and violets are just a few choices.

Installing small container gardens and herbs in your backyard are another consideration. Meanwhile, avoid placing large plants that hang overhead, like trees, too close to your spa, as dead leaves, branches, and other debris may fall in often.

Landscaping for Privacy

If your backyard can be seen by the neighbors, you may want to take a few steps to create privacy for those days in the hot tub.

Any of these suggestions may be used by themselves, or in combination with others, depending on your space and needs.

  • Retractable hot tub privacy screens
  • Use fencing to create a more enclosed spa area
  • Try a trellis
  • Creeping plants like roses and oleander (used with trellis or lattices, etc.)
  • Tall plants, shrubbery, or even trees to create a “living screen” (though avoid placing tall plants, trees close enough to fall into your hot tub)
  • Patio umbrellas can be strategically placed
  • Gazebos
  • Pergolas (similar to gazebo)
  • Outdoor curtains

Create a Shaded Area

Some of the above tips, like utilizing patio umbrellas in your backyard can also be used to create more shade in your outdoor spa space.

It’s just another tip to make your space an entertaining area that’s comfortable temperature-wise night and day.

Hot Tub Cleaning Tips

You’ll want to clean and test your hot tub on a regular basis, but during the spring pay extra attention to your cleaning.

You’ll likely be using it more than usual, so you’ll want to pay special attention to hot tub cleaning during these times.

You’ll be given cleaning and general maintenance instructions with your spa’s installation, but some general hot tub cleaning tips include:

  • Turn off the power first
  • Drain the tub per manufacturer instructions
  • Watch out for mold
  • Clean the unit and filter
  • Refill the tub with water
  • Treat the water as instructed
  • Cover the hot tub when not being used

If you plan on using your hot tub a lot this spring (and why wouldn’t you) you can drop by and purchase proper hot tub supplies, like cleaning equipment, chemicals, filters, and more.

We also offer water testing and maintenance, especially useful for those who don’t use your hot tub as much in the winter and need professional help to get it back into shape.

Scheduling Self-Care Days

When you have a backyard hot tub, every day is a day for self-pampering, for physical and emotional care. If you have multiple family members and friends who’ll be using this space, you may want to create a spa use schedule or calendar to ensure everyone gets their fair share of “me-time.”

Quality hot tubs are a favorite of just about everyone, for rejuvenation, common aches, pains, and general health issues, relaxing after stressful days, and more.

Don’t forget to pencil in time for yourself. What good is a hot tub if you never get to use it?

Hot Tub Essentials at Sundance Spas of New Hampshire

When you’re ready for your spring cleaning, get all the cleaning supplies and hot tub accessories you need from Sundance Spas of New Hampshire.

And while you’re here, pick up other backyard essentials like barbeque grills and other supplies.

For more information, contact one of your local Sundance Spas locations.

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